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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. Background

1.1 This document presents the Privacy Policy published on the Web page at www.rolimpexsa.pl, of which the administrator is Rolimpex S.A., a limited liability company with its registered office in Iława, Poland, street address: ul. Lubawska 7, post code: 14 – 200 (Rolimpex). The purpose of the document is to define the principle and methodology of processing and usage of data and information obtained from Web page users, and to present information about the rights individuals have with regard to their personal data.

1.2. The purpose of this Policy is to define the principle and methodology of processing and usage of data and information obtained from Web page users, and to present information about the rights individuals have with regard to their personal data.

1.2 Please read this Policy carefully. By entering or using this page, or by sending any personal data to us, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1.3. Please note that upon leaving this page (e.g. being linked to a page in a different domain), you are entering an area outside the jurisdiction of this Privacy Policy. Rolimpex shall not be responsible for the Privacy Policy terms applicable on pages operated by third parties.




  1. Rules of personal data protection

Rolimpex is the controller of personal information provided by users on the page operated by Rolimpex. Rolimpex will make every effort to process all personal data in accordance with the purpose for which such data was collected, and to use such data in accordance with the scope of existing approvals (consent) and the processing areas permitted by law.


  1. Purpose of personal data processing

3.1 Every individual that provides personal data to Rolimpex using the forms published on a Web page will be informed of the specific purpose of processing such data and of the legal basis of processing.

3.2. Rolimpex will only use personal data for the specified purposes.

3.4. Your personal data processed on the basis of your consent will only be processed until your consent is withdrawn or the purpose of collection of such data expires. You can remove your consent at any time, without prejudice to compliance with the processing law, determined on the basis of the consent before withdrawal.

Data processed upon signing and execution of an agreement shall continue to be processed in accordance with the applicable legislation, however not beyond the lapse of the time period in which Rolimpex can pursue its claims relating to the agreement, unless a longer period is prescribed in the Accounting Act.




  1. Data security and storage

4.1 Rolimpex ensures the security of personal data through adequate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized processing, loss, damage or alteration of data.

4.2 Rolimpex will make every effort to ensure that personal data are:




  1. Data collection

5.1 When collecting any personal data, Rolimpex will record the original source of such data.

5.2 Personal data are collected via:




  1. User rights

6.1 Rolimpex respects the rights of every individual, relating to the processing of such individual’s personal data. Specifically, every data subject has the following rights:

a) right to be informed of the processing of their personal data,

b) right to access the data, request that the data be corrected, supplemented or modified,

c) right of erasure (“right to be forgotten”),

d) right of restriction of data processing,

e) right of data portability,

f) right to object to the processing of their data for reasonable purposes of Rolimpex as the data controller, such as direct marketing of its products and services and for profiling, and the right not to be covered by decisions based exclusively on automated processing.

6.2. In the event of being unable to definitively identify an individual, for example considering the scope of data provided by that individual, Rolimpex shall be entitled to refuse to take action upon the data subject’s request and shall inform the data subject of such refusal, unless the data subject provides additional information for identification.

6.3. Rolimpex is not required to erase data (“right to be forgotten”) if the processing of such data is necessary for:

a) exercising the rights and freedom of speech and freedom of information,

b) complying with a legal processing obligation under EU or Polish law, or performance of a task serving the public interest,

c) archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research, or statistical purposes,

d) determination, pursuing or defending any claims.

6.5. Should a User object to further processing of their personal data for marketing purposes, profiling or transferring the personal data to another data controller, such objection will be considered accordingly. However, the data controller is allowed to retain identification data of the data subject in the data collection exclusively in order to avoid any reuse of that subject’s data for the purposes objected against.

6.6. Users are entitled to exercise the right to information and access to their data at a frequency not higher than once every 6 months. The data controller is required to provide the necessary information upon request of the data subject concerned, within 30 days.



  1. Range of disclosure of user data

Rolimpex hereby declares that they shall not sell or share users’ personal information collected for processing to any third parties or institutions without the user’s express consent or instruction, or without the instruction of State authorities authorized to make such demands under the applicable Act of law for the purpose of their proceedings, security or defence purposes, for the legally established tasks performed in the public interest, when this is necessary for accomplishment of the legally justified goals of Rolimpex.


  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Rolimpex may be amended in the event of legislative changes concerning protection of personal data, or other occurrences. Customers and users will be promptly notified of any such changes on the Rolimpex Web pages. If the Privacy Policy is amended, the above provision shall be modified accordingly.

  1. Right to complain

Whenever an individual claims an infringement of their rights under the applicable law or this Privacy Policy, such individual is entitled to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

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