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Questions – agriculture

Correct crop care:

Care for grass crops is limited to weeding. If weeds are not present in large quantities and do not pose a risk to grass growth, one or two cuts of the crop are sufficient. Grasses with slow initial growth (timothy-grass, tall fescue) require particularly thorough weeding.

Use herbicides for large quantities of weeds. Use 2-3l per hectare of Chwastox Extra 300 SL for broadleaf weeds in the tillering period. In spring once vegetation is underway, 3-5 l per hectare of Chwastox Extra 300 SL, 2.5 – 3.5 l per hectare of Pielik 85 SP or 1l per hectare of Starane 250 EC may be used on well tillered grasses.

If significant secondary weed infestation occurs, particularly in grassy weeds, use weed control cutting.

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