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2015 catalogues

We are entering the New Year and another season together. This is a time which brings a lot of uncertainty, changes in agriculture and gardening and in the activities of associated branches of the economy. Every change stands for something new and a challenge. In meeting your expectations head on, we’d like to present our range of products for the forthcoming season. Our range constitutes a hint or a suggestion as to the correct choice taking into consideration products from all shelves within the scope of grass mixes, fertilisers, bio-humus , and substrates as well as other items which predominantly aim to secure your business activities through the achievement of a satisfactory profit on sales. In order to achieves such a gaol, tried and tested product brands are necessary, with confirmed high and constant quality as well as new products.

Please feel free to acquaint yourselves with our new and brad offer in the new 2015 catalogues. In the 2015 season we will be providing a number of novelties under the renowned Najlepsze Trawy z Iławy brand. These new products include: lawn substrates, Bio-humus and lawn earth reactivated in accordance with customer expectations as well as a natural, odourless horse manure and cow manure which we pioneered on the Polish market.

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