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New items in the catalogue

The most important new garden products include: lawn substrates, Bio-humus and lawn earth reactivated in accordance with customer expectations as well as a natural, odourless horse manure and cow manure which we pioneered on the Polish market. Following market consultation, the new season – in line with customer expectations – will see changes to packaging of selected products.

The major new item among the agricultural range of products are specially selected and put together cover crop mix seed mixes, the use of which will undoubtedly improve phytosanitary soil conditions and will improve its quality. Our range of products includes both legumes and oils plants.

Furthermore, new varieties of cereal seeds will be available.
These include barley (Oberek and Argeno), winter wheat (KWS Ozon), winter triticale (Maestozo) or winter barley (Chalup).

Please feel free to have a look at Rolimpex S.A. products.

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