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Rolimpex S.A. grass mixes

On the Polish market there are plenty of lawn grass mixes (domestic and foreign). Unfortunately, the quality and proportions of the varieties do not always meet the purpose indicated on the packaging of the lawn. Therefore, a mixture of lawn grasses should be buy from reputable manufacturers.

Rolimpex grass mixtures for many years are well known and respected in the Polish market.

Their quality is the fact that for years we have been one of the leaders in this segment. We satisfy even the most fastidious tastes of our customers. We make sure that part of our blends consisted of only selected species and varieties of lawn grasses of the highest quality, adapted to the climate and soil of Poland. Thanks to a beautiful green carpet, you can enjoy in almost every region of the country, regardless of the type of soil and climate variability.

Species and varieties used in our mixtures differ from each other. They have specific soil and climatic requirements – eg. for sunny areas, shaded, sports grounds. It is very important to choose the right mixture of grasses, depending on the type of use of the lawn.

Below we offer our brands: Najlepsze Trawy z Iławy, GRAMINEX, GRAMINEX Mecnas and Nasiennik and minimum necessary information about each of our blends.

Najlepsze Trawy z Iławy

Grass mixtures for the establishment of recreational lawns, household, sports, etc. They are formed by appropriate selection of the best quality species and varieties of lawn grasses. Characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and adaptation to Polish climatic conditions.


GRAMINEX brand products are present in the domestic market and foreign markets, such as: Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and the UK. In the blends of the brand we use the seeds of our own breeding: ryegrass GRILLA and GRAFFITI, red fescue GROBLA and GROSS, timothy GRAMIA. They are comparable to the standard and quality of the best varieties of grass seeds at home and abroad.

We also use an excellent variety of domestic breeding and breeding among the best varieties Europe.


Each from seeds mix of Mecenas line is covered with a coating of fertilizer, which gives them a very good start, because fertilizer is exactly where you need it most seeds.

This improves the use of nutrients in the early stages of plant growth. The use of such a solution provides an easier sowing seeds, rapid early growth of plants, reducing weed growth, saving time by reducing the care and protection of the environment – by reducing the use of pesticides.


Nasiennik brand products are known and valued in the Polish market for many years. The biggest advantage is properly selected composition, formulated so as to enable easy choice of the mixture, depending on where and how to use the lawn: sports, decorative or for universal use. They form a dense turf with a beautiful green color. Generate not only a great place to relax, but also the decoration of the garden. All blends are adapted to the climate and soil conditions of Poland.

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