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Lawn care guide

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First mowing

Seeds will germinate after between 14 and 21 days (smooth meadow-grass takes longest to germinate and is most difficult), that is why first mowing of a lawn should be done when the lawn reaches a height of approx. 8-9 cm. The height of the first moving should be set at approx. 3-5 cm. So that the still delicate plants are not destroyed, make sure the mower cutting edges are very sharp. Following first mowing apply nitrogen fertiliser. Abundant watering is something which unquestionably has to accompany every mowing.

Subsequent mowing

Subsequently the lawn can be mowed to a height of 2 to 4 cm. The lawn should never be mowed shorter than 2 cm.

Mowing - how often?

Apart from mowing height the appearance of a lawn is also affected by its frequency. The mowing frequency depends on the season, fertiliser, watering, seed mix used for the lawn and the growth speed which in turn is affected by the ambient temperature, moisture and soil nutrient content. It is also important to stick to the same mowing height throughout the year which will ensure our lawn looks beautiful. It is desirable to mow the lawn once per week and the lawn height should not be allowed to exceed 10 cm.

When is the best time to mow the lawn?

Mowing is best done “after dew”, i.e. in the morning or evening. Leaving mowed grass on the lawn is not recommended as it makes it difficult for young shoots to grow.

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