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Lawn care guide

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In establishing a lawn, synthetic fertilisers with added micronutrients (sodium, magnesium, iron, manganese, boron) should be applied such as Grassy Rolimpex S.A. lawn fertiliser (mineral fertiliser) or pre-sow organic fertilisers such as Rolimpex S.A. Natural Garden Fertiliser – Vanilla Fragrance Manure (mix from Warmia i Mazury poultry farms).

Frequency of fertiliser application depends on lawn use, we usually apply fertiliser five times during the germination period after moving and raking the lawn. More frequent mowing as well as shallow (8-10 cm) root system result in nutrients being absorbed more rapidly, which should be replaced using lawn fertilisers.

Fertiliser overdose (particularly when it comes to nitrogen fertiliser) causes immediate lawn yellowing and scorching. A rescue is possible through the use of increased sprinkling (create a “floating lawn”). The excess fertiliser will be washed out and transferred to deeper parts of the soil.

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