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There are a variety of lawn seed mixes on the Polish market. Unfortunately, the quality and seed proportions do not always reflect the lawn description on the packaging. That is why lawn seed mixes should be purchased from well known producers. Rolimpex S.A. seed mixes have been known and highly regarded on the Polish market for a number of years. Their quality is attested to by the fact that we are one of the market leaders in this segment.
We satisfy even the most discerning customers. We make sure that only selected types and varieties of top quality lawn seeds, adapted to Polish climate and soil condition are part of our mixes. This means that you will be able to enjoy a beautiful green carpet in practically every region of the country, regardless of the type of soil and climatic capriciousness.

We use different types and varieties in our mixes. They have specific soil and climate requirements – e.g. for areas exposed to the sun, shady areas or sports grounds. Thus it is essential to choose the right mix of seeds, depending on the use.

Why is it worthwhile to choose a rolimpex mix?

We compose our mixes so that you end up with a lawn that is:

  • compact, uniform with delicate blades;
  • highly resistant to trampling;
  • able to grow back evenly and slowly after mowing;
  • durable and resistant to diseases and pests.

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